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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> bret: ready to go. thankthanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: it's a factor special event. it's the factor's finest. some excellent highlights from the past year. >> are you a nerd? >> yes. yes, i am. >> in a sexy way. >> wow. >> shepard: is the media turning on president obama. >> if they slobber all over him as much this time as they did last time, the media and the president would have to get a room. >> bill: bernie goldberg will analyze. are politics taking over hollywood? rob low and james cowan have a few things to say about that. >> wayne was like an intim day or two. >> bill: me? >> not going to work with me. >> bill: where does roseanne barr stand politically?
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>> i was raised a socialist. >> bill: plus senator marco rubio and the culture warriors right now. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor where we will share with you some of the most memorable segments from the last few months. we start things off tonight with our pal bernie goldberg and somef his best moments on the factor. i don't want to pick on mr. gregory but obviously a leading question and he he throws his opinion in well a president can't do very much about the economy. i think most people disagree with that roll it? >> the president can really effect foreign policy. those are where the leadership moments are made he can't do a whole lot about the economy right now but can he certainly make a case about leadership around the world. does it carry on into a campaign? >> of course it does. i mean, if he has success in
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this iraq pullback, it will be very helpful to him. i do think presidents can do something about economies. >> bill: going forward, do you see the same amount of enthusiasm by the establishment media toward president obama? >> well, the media can't possibly be as enthusiastic this time around as they were last time around. i think that's a physical impossibility. i mean, if they slobber all over him as much this time as they did last time, the media and the president would have to get a room. but, if the question is will they be as enthusiastic or not as but enthusiastic again? the i think the answer is yes. look, four years ago they picked up their pompoms, the media did, and put on their short skirts and they went and shared him because barack obama was not al gore or john kerry or michael do dukakis or one of those guys, he was a historic figure. they fell madly in love with
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him, bill. it isn't easy once you fall madly in love with somebody to just a few years later fall out of love with that person. look, the best indicator of how somebody is going to act in the future is how they have acted in the past. i think based on that, the media once obama is facing a real opponent will do what they have done in the past. they will be enthusiastic for him again. so the form it's going to take, bill, you are not going to see brian williams go on the air and say vote for barack obama and don't vote for his idiot opponent. it's never like that. david gregory goes on, as you heard in that sound bite and i want to get the exact words and says "barack obama," referring to him, "he can't do a whole lot about the economy right now." well, that's not true. he can. he can change energy policy, which would produce hundreds of thousands of jobs. he can stop bashing business. he can tell people to cut back
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on their ridiculous rules and regulations that stifle growth. but david gregory, whatever his reasons were. and he is a smart guy. i'm not attributing any ill motives to him. but whatever his reasons were. you know how it sounds? it sounds like here is another liberal journalist saying don't blame barack obama, it's not his fault, you know, the economy isn't his fault. well, that is how subtle bias works. that's how it will work in the future. i will give you one other example. let's say the republic candidate has some crazy pastor in his background who either said bigoted things or just plain nutty things. the media, rightly, rightly will find that minister and expose him. no problem. but they didn't do that with barack obama and his crazy minister, did they? they didn't jump on that story until they had to, until fox and other stations started running the videotapes with reverend wright's most
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outrageous statements. that's how the bias is going to work this time around. it won't be blatant. it will be subtle, a lot of times the audience won't even catch it, but it will be out there. >> bill: all right. that will be a theme for the president trying to convince people to vote for him is that, look, the economy is not my fault. you know, i inherited this. we did the right moves. we made the right moves. already said that. if we hadn't made them we would be in 1929 and all of that and then look at this. and they will find something to, you know, tick up. this is doing, da'da da. i agree with you. i expect the media to seize on all of that and try to put it in the most gentle light possible rather than scrutinizing, you know, the record which is fairly dismal. >> that will be the form of the bias in the campaign. >> bill: yes. tonight, it is embarrassing for many in the liberal media to see the man who heavily supported barack obama having such a hard time in the white house. the latest economic chaos is being framed a number of ways.
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very few of them honest. so i hear you are a little angry about some of the reportage. >> actually, bill, my liberal friends rarely make me angry these days but they do amuse me with their crazy ill liberal ideas. here is the latest one. other dave paul krugman and the "new york times" said there was too much balance in hard news stories about the economy and about politics. and krugman wants hard news journalists to come out and flat out say it's the tea party people who brought the country to the brink of disaster. i'm going to read one sentence. these are his exact words. the problem with american politics right now is republic extremism. and if you are not willing to say that you are helping to make the problem worse. then a few days later, john kerry, senator from massachusetts said pretty much the same thing. >> bill: harry blamed the downgrade from s&p on the tea party and then he went
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further. roll it. >> right. >> the media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual. >> bill: what's he talking about there? >> he is talking about things that conservative republicans who have said during the debate but here is the thing. in theory, i agree with krugman and kerry to a point. you don't put on crazy points of view. if i go out and interview somebody that says the earth is round. i'm under no obligation to find some lunatic who says it is flat. when you are talking about complex economic issues, that's different. when you are talking about serious people on both sides, that's different. krugman and kerry, if they ran the newsroom, they would keep out conservatives who say the problem is that they are spending too much. if i ran the newsroom under their crazy dictatorial idea,
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i would keep out liberals who said we have to borrow more money from china who we can spend more money and while we are at it let's raise taxes on the rich. bill, this isn't about making journalism more responsible. this is about two liberal authoritarians who think they have a pipe line to the troop who think they know better than anybody else what's right and what's wrong and you know what? they pretty much want only their side. >> bill: the sectarian left has always done that they attack me viciously for years because they don't like my opinions and they have tried every which way to destroy me, guys like glenn beck, other than, you know, this is their game. >> but now they want hard news. >> bill: not to report. >> only giving the responsible side. and they will decide who is responsible. >> bill: next up. senator marco rubio speaks out about the g.o.p. presidential
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field. we'll be right back with t
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republic senator marco yiewbio stopped by the factor to clear up about his family cuba to america. he also talked about the future of the republic party. >> bill: hi, senator, the beef the "the washington post" has and they are making a pretty big deal about it i'm not seeing the great importance of the story is that your time line is off on your family history of coming from cuba to the united states. did you mislead anybody in your family history when you talked about it? >> absolutely not. the date that my parents came i was us under the impression that it was in the late 50s until very recently didn't realize that it wasn't. >> bill: they came earlier than that. >> they came earlier first time to the united states special privilege. here is the point it's irrelevant whether they are exiles or not. my parents could not return in
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1971 to the nation of my birth unless they're willing to live under commune i the opportunities they found in the united states are better than they found in cuba. >> bill: it wasn't communist. >> the first time they came, correct. >> bill: then when they tried to go back they saw the chaos that was throw had imposed on the island and they were lucky enough to get back and most of them couldn't at that point. >> they won't find a single credible human voice in miami that will dispute that my parents were exiles. >> bill: why do you think the "the washington post" is making a big deal out of. this i don't know. bad for reporters. >> bill: they d. they call you before they published the article. >> they published the article and then they interviewed me. >> they may have called the office before but they posted the office before they interviewed me and added some of my statements into it. it misses the point. i don't need to embellish my narrative. i'm the son-in-law of exiles and immigrants. that has framed my political thought. >> bill: some people say the "the washington post" want to do a hit job on you because, you know, you are a rising star in the republic party
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possible v.p. candidate under consideration. do you believe that? >> i don't know what anywhere motivations were. >> bill: are you mad about it. >> i'm not mad about it i want to get the record straight. if they want to say i got the dates wrong, they are right. i got the dates wrong. if they want to say my parents weren't exiles and i mislead people about the essence of my personal story that's not fair. that's outrageous. i wish they could have corrected my article. i don't think it ache adequately reflects my article. >> bill: critical last week of president obama even after colonel qaddafi was killed. while some americans say he did the right thing. why did you remain critical? >> i'm glad things have worked out the way they did. here is the problem. we have -- the fact that this was a protracted conflict. the fact that it took some months. >> eight months. >> here is what happened. a lot of infrastructure in libya that has to be rebuilt. it's going to be a bear for them to disarm.
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young men now need medical rehab prosthetics because they have been injured in war. the cost of rebuilding the country has gone exponentially high. if the united states had gotten engaged earlier and agroively what happened last week would have happened months ago and cost a lot less money and a lot less uncertainty. here is what else happened thousands of shoulder fired rockets have gone missing. now they are cable capable of shuttle down an airplane. >> libyans didn't want that. >> shepard: you would have done harder. >> earlier. if the rebels had had a no spin zone when they asked for it this thing would have been over. >> you wanted action quicker but not necessarily any more military presence? >> not on the ground. nato has limited capabilities. the british and the french work very hard and they did a very good job. they don't have the weaponry we have. if they had stayed in that effort a little bit longer this thing would have ended sooner as well.
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>> bill: you were watching the republic debates, haven't you. >> i have. >> bill: have you seen all 90 of them yet? new cable channel 24. >> like a reality show. when you she these guys on stage and congresswoman bachmann, are you in the flow here? >> i have opinions about some of the things they say. not that they necessarily got it wrong. i would have done it differently. >> bill: who is closest to your opinion of the republic candidates. >> the truth sand i know it's going to sound political. >> bill: who is closest. >> they all have elements of things i agree with. on the foreign policy realm i think romney. >> bill: romney on foreign policy. >> that's probably true of gingrich ohio think is deeply invested in public policy. i have known him for a long time. >> bill: on taxes. >> i'm in favor of a flat tax. i have always believed in simplifying the tax code there are some plans to do that i'm encouraged that herman cain is offering his plan. >> bill: it doesn't hurt to start there. >> more importantly it's forcing other candidates to offer theirs. that's a good thing. if we're going to have a
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debate on ideas. we are going to win this election in 2012. that's what these candidates are allowing to have happen is that they're engaging in ideas, driven debate. >> bill: what about them punching oat other perry and romney? >> no. the democrats did it. and they ran 50 state primaries. >> bill: defend you after they go after each other. >> it's going to happen. when does that not happen. >> bill: it's amazing, right? >> none of us have to be in politics. >> bill: you are a feisty guy if somebody came up to you and said you would probably go back after the him. >> in the most effective way as possible. >> i think it's important to have the record set straight. >> there is eye on you because it's a state that republicans have to wish and you are historic american and nirns have to get to hispanics to at least consider voting for him this time around. you are at the top of everybody's list.
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not saying they are going to pick you but you are being considered, all right? what do you think about that? >> i'm honored by it but frankly i'm focused on my job in the senate. >> bill: of course it's true. you are a senator. they elected you to help them in florida and you have to. >> i haven't been there a year yet. >> bill: that's what christie had in new jersey. >> right. >> bill: you could get a call it's very, very possible and you are not going to sit here and rule out. >> yeah. let me tell you why i do. there are some things that i would like to accomplish. >> bill: i want to get it straight. no matter who the nominee is for the republic party, if they say i would like you, senator rubio to consider being vice president you are going to say absolutely not. you are not going to do it? >> i'm going to say i have been here in the united states senate for a year. there are some things i want to finish here. i want to accomplish some things. >> bill: it's off the table. >> it is. >> bill: that's almost shocking. you are just made for. this you are good on tv. you are absolutely a
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conservative. you represent hispanic measures in a fine way. and if you could elevate the republic party into the white house, you are telling me you wouldn't? >> why can't i do that from the senate. >> bill: because you can't. >> sure you can absolutely. bill bull you are one of a hundred there. >> there is a lot of important public policy that's come out of senate. the senate is is an important place. we can do a lot of good from there if we focus on it. >> bill: what if they kidnap you? >> that changes everything. >> bill: look, i'm glad you are being honest with the folks. certain live this is going to be a nasty campaign. and in florida it's going to be super nasty. >> whether you have a president whose record is one of making things worse. that is unfortunate. the american people deserve more than that. >> bill: can i see you in 10 years maybe sooner running for president yourself. >> or having a show here on fox. [ laughter ] >> bill: you might want to think about that senator. hmmm the rubio factor. i have got to get out of here sometime. absolutely you can slide right in here.
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i could see you running for president. first cuban-american president i could see it that would be an honor. those are things that present themselves down the road. it's important for me 9, 10, 12 months in my career in the senate to not focus on that and it starts effecting the way you behave and how you vote and how you do things. there will be plenty of time for those kind of decisions later on. >> bill: thanks for coming. in. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: the d man at his best. >> i feel like some moron teaching sustainable diversity
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okay the factor as you know. tonight we are offering you
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the best of miller. >> rebranding newt gingrich. now, you were talking about, this i think, on your radio program. >> yeah. >> bill: what does that mean? >> well, listen. i think that if newt gingrich has had an epiphany in life, and he has had some road to damascus moment where between the love of a good woman and two grandchildren and the return to his catholicism he has seen the light in some way, i think that's tough to go after the guy on that point. they are going to say a lot about him but i'm hoping that he is either -- he is either had an epiphany or smart enough to know he has had an epiphany. there is one easy bumper speaker for it all. get new gingrich. get rid of the t. say i have seen the light and hope somewhere in his hard drive when it gets ugly and it is going to get ugly with barack obama, he has still got a little ugly left in the hard drive to combat these people
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with. >> bill: he will come back. but he would be smart, don't you think, not to come back on the personal basis? i think you are right. his pitch is, look, i converted to catholicism. i know i have done wrong in my past. we are all sinners. i believe in redemption. please don't judge me. and can i help the nation. he keeps it there, as you say, could be hard to attack and they still will. >> bill: i don't think he should get in the gutter with president obama. i think he should do it on policy. gingrich is a good policy guy. just go after him on policy. >> yeah. but i'm apprehensive, bill. i don't think they think barack obama can -- i know he is going to say he is the smartest guy whoever lived but i think there is back room conversations saying wow, can this guy hold up against newt gingrich in the debate? >> hold up against gingrich. no, i interviewed him twice which are really debates the way we do it. he is fast. he can do it, barack obama. and i don't think obama is going to attack --
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>> newt gingrich is going to go after him hard about reverend wright. he got a pass on that last time. >> bill: that would be interesting. if he goes after him on reverend wright, if you are correct and gingrich goes after him on reverend wright then the gloves come off. absolutely. >> newt gingrich going to say something. >> bill: we will see. material girl getting a big stage at the indianapolis superdome or whatever they call it in indianapolis for the super bowl halftime show. and you say? >> well, they had to hold off on making the complete offer for a while. they wanted to see if sea world would left go for the day they wouldn't. we have madonna. history there. at the first super bowl which was the lions versus the christians if i am not mistaken. i'm hoping that everybody makes a statement about the vacuous nature of our culture. right before halftime everybody leaves. just a few broken light sticks and noise makers on the ground. she comes out to perform in that cone bra, nobody there all out getting a hot dog.
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the way a rod and packers are playing, that game might be over by halftime. you never know. >> bill: i think it's going to be the patriots and packers at the game. you know people are going to watch madonna. >> that was a joke. people love train wrecks. especially when they are antique trains. >> bill: coming up, the culture warriors take on the aarp. >> more and more the aarp seems to be an arm of the democratic party. >> bill: no doubt about it. >> later,
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gresham carlson and margaret hoover tackle. >> my grocery bill isn't wasteful spending heart med medication isn't. >> our retirement isn't a simple budget line item. >> i worked hard. >> i paid moo my medicare. >> i earned my social security. >> now, instead of cutting waste and loopholes, washington wants to cut our benefits? that wasn't the agreement. >> join the members of aarp and tell washington to stop cuts to our medicare and social security benefits. >> bill: all right, carlson, i'm not aware of any attempt to cut the benefits of senior citizens. are you? >> no. but was that ad put out by the aarp or the dnc? >> bill: aarp. >> more and more the aarp seems to be an arm of the democratic party. >> bill: there is absolutely no doubt about it? >> disingenuous on its face. because even any republic plan to talk about cutting
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entitlements or medicare does not talk about it for current senior citizens or people each approaching that age. i think in our generation we pretty much have been programmed to believe that we may never see social security. so we're pretty open to the age going up, things like that. >> bill: that's going to have to happen. >> bill: this is disz enginous. they have been grandfathered in. >> bill: why do you think, hoover, that the aarp spends good money to run an ad like that when, what carlson says, absolutely true. there is no movement to cut any benefits of senior citizens. why do they do it? >> because they have virginiased interest in imagine sure entitlement reform doesn't take place. they are running these arguments. their argument is did you see the guy said i paid my social security. no he didn't. i'm paying his social security. >> bill: he paid social security when he was working and then he was retired and then you pay it because of the ponzi scheme. >> not a trust fund. >> bill: governor perry. >> aarp has a vested interest in making sure that seniors
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entitlement. be fair to aarp what will happen with this deficit reduction commission is the super committee doesn't hit $1.5 trillion, they are going -- it's going to impact medicare, medicaid and defense spending. so what they are trying to say is super committee make sure it doesn't impact. >> bill: we don't want to get too wonkish on this. there is one big thing here in play. the aarp is fabulously successful organization. millions and millions. i don't even know what their duce. i have the little card. you guys aren't old enough. you are still in the 4-h club, right? >> girl scouts. >> thank you. >> bill: i have the little card. they have a tremendous amount of money because they get dues and then they get kick backs on all their insurance and what they sell and this and that this is dishonest. the culture warriors warriors ho lead the charge for honesty in the public arena. >> let me say i wasn't surprised at this recent ad. the aarp got involved in the health care years ago.
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>> bill: they sell insurance. >> seniors got upset and cut up their card. >> bill: that's what this is designed to do. >> not left or right either. very supportive of the bush part d program because also they sell insurance. >> bill: do you know why they are doing this story because one of my elderly neighbors next door bare barricaded herself with a machine gun after she watched that. because they hear this stuff and then they get panicked and i thought this was wrong. >> we have a responsibility when you have an out-of-wedlock birth rate and a sexually transmitted disease rate that we have in this city to try to do something about it shasm on us if we don't. he. >> bill: is the new york city undermining parental authority? hoover, let me outlining this to the audience. we are not going to tell you guy what is they're going to teach because some of it is very, very graphic. it doesn't have to do with just man/woman. it's everything you can imagine. this is sixth grade we are talking about. these are 10, 11, 12-year-old
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kids. >> 12. 13, 14. sixth through 12th grades. sixth graders are 12 years old. >> bill: the younger edge of this. so the parents in new york city many of them can't afford to go to private school which i always recommend if you can afford to go to private school please do so because you don't have to deal with this craziness. they have no choice. even if they don't want their kids hearing about alternative situations, they have to. something wrong, this disturbs me. >> i appreciate that on one hand. on the other hand, bill, we spend a lot of time in this show in this segment talking about how parents these days are advocating their duties as parents being active in their kids' life and teaching kids what parents used to talk to kids about. >> bill: here is why your argue. crashes. >> okay. hold on. >> bill: are you ready? take notes for hoover. >> i haven't said anything.
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>> bill: the disinterested derelict patients won't guess with that. >> their kidsill have sexual education and their kids won't have kids. >> bill: that's fine with me. i want an opt out for the whole program for parents who are responsible and have a point of view that will handle. this the derelict parents who are not going to say anything to their kids at all, all right, let new york city do what they do. but the other parents, this is undermining their authority. >> i don't know if it's an erosion of parental authority as much as it is an erosion of parenting in general. >> bill: i don't make the distinction. new york city telling parents blank you if you don't like it, we're going to do it. >> so the parents who would normally address these issues at home are the ones who will suffer. >> bill: correct. that's an erosion of their authority. >> that's right. so now if they opt -- it's very unclear as to how they can opt out. >> bill: didn't they make it very hard and there is a stigma to the kids. >> you can only opt out of the
5:35 am
preproductive type. >> we have already set that up. you would agree that parental authority is being undermined is that triewnchts completely. >> bill: you disagree? >> i disagree. i think in some cases it probably is but i disagree with a how draconian have you painted this out to be. do you know what percentage of high school kids are having sex? almost 50%. new york city urban areas the number of kids having kids out of wedlock. some communities hispanic communities it's 50%. guess what happens when kids have kids. >> bill: you believe instruction of this kind is going to lower that problem? going to make the problem less intense. >> no. >> bill: is that what you believe. >> i believe that somebody is not talking to these kids and probably their parents aren't. and you trust the left wing -- the far left wing. >> oh, stop. >> bill: teachers europes to execute this in a responsible way? >> bill, there is a. >> left wing to do anything. you know that about me. >> total difference educating kids how not to get pregnant
5:36 am
and some of the junk. >> bill: that's right. >> that's going on. i wouldn't want to read about some of the stuff that these 11-year-olds. my daughter will be 11 years old. >> bill: i'm flabbergasted that you think teachers in this kind of a situation in new york city, all right, are going to be responsible in the sense that they're going to discourage this stuff. >> just to be fair. >> bill: do you believe that? >> let's also be fair. a lot of these recommendations, they are ridiculous recommendations. there is a need to talk about sex and talk about prevention and you don't think that all of these things -- >> i agree. >> bill: is there a web site to get more information. >> this reported by "the new york post." >> bill: go to new york if you want to read the specifics about what the city is going to impose on sixth graders. i have got to go. >> bill: coming up, roseanne barr says she is a socialist. >> i was raised a socialist.
5:37 am
my family are socialists. they are not liberal. >> bill: who knew?
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>> bill: welcome back to the factor's finest. in one of our favorite segments, the factor highlight reel featuring some pretty familiar faces. >> bill: what i'm going to talk to you about is how do you think the country has changed? >> well from, a political stand point of view the need for national pride is pretty imminent. >> bill: after world war ii most of the countries ignited and people came back and wanted to give good lives to their family and worked their way up. now we are a divided nation. some people are left, some are right. would you call yourself a conservative now. >> yeah. i have become conservative because of the position that we are in right now. >> bill: financial position and things like that. >> certainly financial. and, this you know, i have always said if you are going to wear the badge that we have earned, of sheriff, of this --
5:40 am
>> bill: the world. >> yes. of the world that you better act like wyatt earth. >> bill: i remember a movie -- you are a young guy. >> you better stand up. >> bill: john wayne, robert mitchum and you, tough guys. >> let's see if you can do that trick twice. >> wayne was an intim day or two. >> wayne? >> oh sure, i think you like it. it's not going to work with me. >> bill: don't give me the carlo. >> i will kill you. >> bill: back then in hollywood these were really tough guys. tough guys that came up the hard way and that showed through on the screen. same thing with you. >> bobby duvall used to make fun of me. i would say act something a silly thing for a grown up to do. it's not a real job. >> all the five families will come after you, sunny. >> as i have gotten older i believe i studied. i didn't study how to become a
5:41 am
tough guy my neighborhood did that. >> bill: you brought it with you. >> that's part of me. i sing and dance but nobody remembers that. ♪ >> >> bill: were you always a liberal? >> i i am not a liberal. i hate liberals i hate them just like you do. >> bill: i don't hate liberals. >> i don't hate them either. i was raised a socialist. my family are socialists. they are not liberals. they were socialists. >> bill: you were raised in a socialist family in utah? >> yes. >> bill: you were the only one in history. [ laughter ] because not. >> there wasn't many. >> bill: in your family you were socialists and you adhere to the socialistic point of view? >> well, i'm just for solutions. i like -- i am for rebranding things. >> bill: rebrantding. >> everything is about branding. and, you know, like instead of saying liberal or, you know, anything like that or socialist, i just say peoplist. >> bill: peoplist? >> yeah. >> bill: you are hard on people bike sarah palin
5:42 am
because you say she ♪ looking out for the folks? >> i'm mad because she is stealing my act. >> bill: populist. >> she talks like me but she is kind of from around where i am from. but i don't like that she is just all for her -- for all the rich people and she is not for anything like the working people. >> bill: how do you know she is for the rich people? >> because she says so. >> i know on this panel that she works for us she is generally interested in the welfare of working people as you say you are. i think you guys have common ground there. >> i think we have common ground, too. i do think we have common ground. i think all americans have common ground and if we stop like agitating and just getting divide sod we never really solve any problems -- >> bill: you are one of the agitators? i mean, you know, is this a new year's resolution here? >> do i have a new year's resolution stop controversial blogging and lose weight. >> bill: all right. you say in your book hollywood is a one party town, we all know that a liberal democratic
5:43 am
tout. is there a reason for that? >> i think that and i don't know what it says. it's not meant to be a judgment but it seems to me like creative people end up being democrats and i think it's been that way forever. >> bill: is that because they feel sorry for the down trodden or something? i consider myself a creative person. i'm more of a traditional guy than liberal guy. >> let's face it i think that democrats are very long on empathy. artists have to be long on empathy. republicans are long on logic. in my view. >> bill: okay. that might be a little over simplifying. >> i was trying to simplify. >> bill: i think there is a peer pressure -- get into the business everybody is one way it's a pretty much -- you have got to go that way. >> everybody can relate to growing up at the kitchen table and hearing your parents talk only one view. >> bill: did you work for dukakis. >> i did. >> bill: when you were 24. >> i did.
5:44 am
>> bill: dukakiss was a great guy but he was very liberal is that -- he got his butt kicked is that because you were working for him? >> >> he took on the entrenched party system in california. >> bill: got his butt kicked. they killed him. i don't think arnold knew what he was getting into. i really don't. i think he tried. >> i disagree. i have never met a person who can't -- who is less good at bringing or better at bringing people together than arnold. >> bill: america today. greeks and the romans. >> sure we are. >> bill: going down. >> sure. don't you think? >> bill: i'm asking you, man, the whole point -- one of the themes of the show is how we keep doing the same things and expecting different results. things that used to work. i talk in the show about dissent and debate used to work for our country but it doesn't work now. it's like tribalism worked, the greeks thinking. we are like a compilation of every empire as they fall.
5:45 am
we are like the cosco of empire declines. we have to combine every aspect. >> bill: everything that everybody in the past has done wrong. how does it manifest itself? with us it's like excess. now it's like now even years ago people used to say we left all the manufacturing jobs, left the country and all moving money. now it's not even moving money. now it's not even moving the idea of money. people -- most people's job is talking about the future or like money not even in the present tense. it's not even paper. >> bill: hedge fund guy nobody knows what that. >> right. it doesn't exist. you are trading the idea of somebody else. >> bill: they make all this money and they don't real delay anything. there is nothing there. >> yeah. >> bill: how long do we have, collin? i would like to make a get away if i could. just before it all goes down. >> a lot of people saying next year, 2012. >> bill: i'm keeping my on on canada now inching their way. thanks for coming. >> in thanks a lot, bill.
5:46 am
>> bill: the quiz continues in a moment with cameos by cathy ireland, joy behar and good old barney
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz is which is unbelievablably famous since "saturday night live" mocked it last week. >> the andy griffith show delighted tv audiences from 1960 to 1968. which member of the cast went on to direct such films as "a beautiful mind" and "the da vinci code"? >> bill, it was ron howard. >> do you have a paddle? [ laughter ] >> it was b, ron powered. [beeping] >> bill: here they, the quiz kids themselves. >> i like that. >> bill: did you lend these to "saturday night live."
5:50 am
>> they came over and picked then up and now they are back. here is question number one. michelle obama known for being strict about letting her kids have junk food she also revealed last week she is strict about something else. she said she will not allow her daughters to have, what? a, a cat. b, facebook accounts. c, friends spend the night. d, birthday presents. [ laughter ] birthday presents. >> bill: cards up, please. and roll the tape. >> sasha and maliyah, are they on facebook. >> no. >> bill: no? is that because of who they are or because you are not in favor of it? what's the reason for that? >> there are a lot of real constraints things like secret service and stuff like that. but i don't -- i'm not a big fan of young kids having facebook, so i -- you know, it's not something they need. >> bill: that's absolutely true. i agree 100%. i think you can get in a lot of trouble in that. question number two, they both got that right. this is a stunning development. >> thank you. >> bill: hell must have frozen
5:51 am
over lately because joy behar admitted with me on one thing. what was that thing what did behar agree with me on? roll the tape. >> bill o'reilly is not a fan of speaker of the house john boehner's crying jags saying he needs to get his emotions under control. o'reilly and i agree on this. that hiker they cut off his arm didn't cry this much. >> bill: i changed my mind. cry, cry, mr. speaker. [ laughter ] >> bill: get hysterical. you got that wrong. >> i missed that. >> bill: behar agrees with me one more time i will be crying. question number three. former cast member dana carvey hosted a "saturday night live" where he revived his poplar church lady skit. what celebrity wasn't born yet when he left "saturday night live"?
5:52 am
>> are you okay church lady? >> that's right. say my name. [ laughter ] say my name with your angel's voice. >> bill: all right. you both got that right. i'm not going to disparage. doocy leads by one with two to go. barney frank not a fan of the tea party. in a recent interview he mocked tea party lawmakers comparing them with characters to what book >> the republic leadership now is the tea party people and so the problem is, you don't even know if there is going to be an ability to negotiate. it's hard to negotiate with a negotiating committee that consists of john boehner, eric cantor, the mad hatter or the white rabbit. >> bill: what's the problem?
5:53 am
i can negotiate with them. it's easier than negotiating with you, barn. all right. doocy up by one. one to go. "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition came out this week. some of the models turned up on letterman. >> the category, good things about appearing in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. >> it helps my chances for the swimsuit prize on modeling. on the tax form under occupation i can write hot. >> that's what i would do. best selling swimsuit issue of all time was in 1989 si. which featured whom on the cover? >> bill: cards up, please. the answer is cathy ireland our pal who makes furniture now or something. you got that right so it's a tie. >> sweet. >> so it is.
5:54 am
>> bill: jesse watters visits adults in costumes. it wasn't even halloween.
5:55 am
>> watters' world, we are trying to get a handle on exactly how many americans know exactly what's going on in this country. we do know that never before have there been so many diversions away from reality. in light of that, we sent jesse watters to a very unusual convention.
5:56 am
[star wars music playing] >> reporter: what's the vibe here? >> it feels like this is the christmas time t. brings everyone together. >> reporter: who are you trying to neutralize with that? >> everyone around here. >> reporter: don't slime me. >> he slimed me. >> reporter: what made you dress up? >> i'm batman. >> right now, i'm rainbow rice. >> reporter: what? >> plastic man. >> reporter: so the tights are pretty tight? >> they are. but they're breezy. >> reporter: now, would you consider yourself a nerd? >> really. >> yes. yes, i am. >> in a sexy way. >> reporter: wow. so you are trying to score some chicks here or what? >> uh, yes. >> you make it so easy, don't you. >> reporter: do you go out to bars afterwards and hook up with other nerds? >> that's the idea. >> stay out of trouble. >> reporter: captain america,
5:57 am
can you help us get out of this economic ditch? >> do you have any idea? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: you are super heros, what's your solution in. >> they should spend their money on stuff like this. >> reporter: you are a capitalist. >> yes. >> reporter: you could have killed osama bin laden. >> yes, i could have. >> reporter: that's a cute outfit, did your husband give it to you? what would you do to turn things around? are you an occupy wall street person? >> i am down with occupy wall street. >> reporter: what would you do down there? >> stick a rabbit hampster on the ceo. >> hampsters are a big responsibility. >> i don't think it's fair that ceos put their company under water. they should have gotten such huge salaries. >> reporter: what do you want to do when you grow up? >> i want to be a nerd. >> you doesn't want to go for the m.d? >> reporter: are you worried about high gas prices? >> no. i fly. >> i think the country is in
5:58 am
need of saving. >> reporter: are you the woman to do that? >> i don't know. i'm trying. >> reporter: how's the president doing so far? >> i never had to meet the guy. >> he's made so many concessions to the republicans, he lost his liberal supporters. >> reporter: are you an obama supporter? >> i am. >> reporter: are you going to vote for him again. >> no. >> reporter: are there a lot of republicans here? >> probably not. >> reporter: you a mitt romney fan? >> who is that. >> reporter: who is michele bachmann? >> i don't know her either. >> i'm not threatened by that. >> reporter: who would be a better president, super man or obama? >> super man. >> it looks like a job for super man. >> this monster's staring at me. >> reporter: so you like the "the o'reilly factor"? >> my dad love its. >> i like the "the o'reilly factor." >> reporter: you an "the o'reilly factor" fan? >> i think he's hysterical. >> reporter: ever seen watters' world? >> watters' world?
5:59 am
>> reporter: you're on it. >> oh, hey. how's it going. >> thank you for watching. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for y y y y y y y y y y y y y yy >> good morning, it's friday, december 23rdrd. i'm juliet huddy in for miss carlson. republicans giving president obama and democrats an early christmas gift, two month payroll tax extension. the deal a good one for you. a bad one possibly for john boehner. could the speaker lose his job? >> and forget iowa. newt gingrich has a new plan to win america's vote. it's newt for puppies. i heart schnauzers. >> that was him as speaker. good to see him back there. remember this guy? the fed ex delivery man busted tossing a computer monitor over a fence. >> hold on. let me see. >>


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